Unbounding Potential is so excited you decided to begin the first step in your journey.  ASK, VISUALIZE,  CREATE, RECEIVE, GRATEFULNESS are our core values.  Without us taking action and writing our requests down, things don’t happen!  You are the only one who can make a change in your life.  Believe you deserve it. Then take the inspired action and see how
amazing your life is. Cheers!

Wishing you Health and Prosperity,



Have you ever really Stopped and written down all your blessings? Everything you are Grateful for? Everything in your prayer requests?
The last several months, you may have started to do exactly this.  You may have had a little extra time on your hands or your days looked and felt a bit different from just the beginning of this year.   This time to reflect may have increased your awareness of what you’d like to do more of or even do less of.   With God’s Guidance, I did just that.  With over 15 years of working almost every weekend, most evenings, and more than the average 60 hours a week… I found myself with no appointments, no events, no weddings, and life as I knew it was completely changed. I found I needed to pause, pivot, and start doing things that I did before, but only when I had a spare moment.  I started my visualization and gratitude journey in 2003 after the loss of my mother, but only stopped and reflected a few times a week or even a month as “life” seemed to always get busier and busier. In 2018 my friend was going thru a difficult time and we started to get together and reflect on the Positive, Blessings, and Create a new outlook on life. So now, in 2020, with my new found time, I began to think about what I really wanted to do, create, leave a legacy for, and what it would look and feel like.
I created, Unbounding Potential, a faith based company that works on Positive Mindset, visualization, Gratitude and Writing our Requests to God. I offer 1 on 1 private mindset, virtual vision board workshops, and have designed and printed my very own Workbooks and Journal to go with the programs or purchased separately.
ASK Workbook – Engages you to Write your requests down for God, an Inspirational Bible Verse to reflect on, and a coloring activity to help your mind with your requests and your reflection.  Take time to write your requests, then each morning and evening read your requests and reflect on them.
Health for my Body, be specific if you have a certain illness or something that isn’t quiet right.
A new Roof for my home in 2020, so the water isn’t able to come inside anymore.
Gift of $5000 to my Grandson, John, to help him and his family during this time.
Volunteer my time with City Serve, offering weekend meal bags to those in need.
New Oven for my Kitchen in 2020.
All your requests are personal, you may want to give more, share your time and talents, etc… 
Stop, Write them down, Reflect, Read the verses, Visualizing God has answered your requests.
GRATITUDE Journal – Begin and End your Days with Gratitude.  Each Evening before bed, write down 5 things you are Grateful for.  This will allow you to reflect on God’s blessings from your day.  Big or small God wants to hear them all.  Then in the morning, read from the beginning entry all the entries in the journal, as this will remind you of all the blessings you have, and Begin your day with a Grateful heart.  This journal has 1 years worth of Gratitude entries.
Today I’m Grateful for…  God waking me up, Clean air to breathe, a healthy meal Samantha shared with me, Phone call from cousin Tim, a Dry home to live in.   And your list will continue tomorrow, and the next days.
Children’s Workbook – Geared for ages 5 to 9, this workbook is a combination of creating self confidence, writing their requests, Acting in Kindness, and Lifting their Gratitude to God.  A few activities, inspiring words, bible verse and inspiring quotes, and a reflective coloring pages is a great activity for your youngster to have their own book, like yours, but designed just for them.
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